Life's an adventure

Hello, my name is James. My wife Katie and I have a love for the outdoors, which we would love to share with you! We try to chronicle our adventures offering film and written accounts. Download our GPS tracks, learn from our do-it-yourself projects, check out new destinations, and say hello! Your comments and questions are welcome.

Rating System

The rating system on is in place to illustrate the quality of either a destination, activity, product, or piece of equipment. These criteria are not set in stone and are meant solely to give the reader an impression. Each category has it's own criteria for scoring which goes as follows (loosely):

Score Destination/Activity Gear Review
The expectation was too far from reality. No water available, poor scenery, busy, lack of privacy, poor campsites, etc.. Not recommended. The item did not function as intended, poor quality materials, poor craftsmanship, or catastrophically flawed design. Do not buy.
The trip was worthwhile, but either close to the car, busy, water may be scarce, decent scenery, moderate privacy, etc.. Good for a short trip. The item works, but not especially well. Could tide you over, but a quality replacement will be required in the near future. May have design, material, or craftsmanship issues as well.
Good trip with nice scenery. Some privacy or car/RV campsites are nice with decent amenities. Reliable water sources may be near by. A solid piece of gear. The item works well and will last. Features may be minimal, but it is well built and reliable. May be a perfect balance for some people.
Great trip, amazing scenery, and good privacy. Far enough out to feel free or great car/RV campsites and amenities. The item works very well and is very well built. Reliable and feature rich. A definite recommendation.
Fantastic scenery, reliable water, or excellent RV campsites. Great privacy, amenities, and/or trail joy. An absolute must! The dream item that works perfectly with excellent features and top build quality. This is the top shelf stuff that you drool over.