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Steam Baking (It's Easy!)


I have seen steam baking in mess kits online, but never really had the equipment to do it. I recently got the SnowPeak Trek 1400 and their Titanium bowl in order to give it a try. It is really easy with this setup and I have a feeling even if you are using just a silicone cup with your cook pot you will have good results.

There was a little bit of trial and error. I made two "cakes" the first being a little too runny which increased the cook-time by a few minutes. The second batch I started and added mix until it was at the right viscosity. After that its just a matter of putting about 20oz of water in the bottom of the Trek 1400 and placing the bowl with your batter in it. Place the lid on top and set it on the fire!. In 25-28 minutes you'll have a nice little cake to put your re-hydrated strawberries and sugar on!


  • 1 Cup "Just Add Water" pancake mix
  • 1/2 Water

Baking Instructions

1) Mix ingredients and put in Titanium Bowl

2) Put 20oz of water in the bottom of Trek 1400

3) Insert Titanium Bowl into Trek 1400

4) Put on fire & start your clock (cook on high until boiling then reduce to slow simmer)

5) Check at 25 minutes and every couple minutes after - when fork comes out clean its done

August 23rd, 2012

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Steam Baking (It's Easy!)

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