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Veteran Pheasant Hunt at Black Canyon Wing & Clay


There was a hunt put on by Black Canyon Wing & Clay in Delta, Colorado and organized by Freedom Hunters. There was a spot open and I had the opportunity to go. After fishing over the weekend I got dropped off at an awesome cabin where we all met and got settled. After lots of talking and food we went to sleep so that we could get up early for the hunt.

We got up early the next morning and had a quick breakfast. It was dark when we got up, loaded the van, and drove to our destination. As we arrived at Black Canyon Wing & Clay the sun began to chase the darkness away so we grabbed our shotguns and went to the range for some warm up.

After breaking a few clays a representative from Cabela's showed up and gave each of us a nice upland style hunting vest and cap. We went down to the fields to get setup, brief, and go over the guide/dog procedures. We did the hunt one Veteran at a time for safety purposes, but it also allowed the rest of us to be spectators when it was someone else's turn. It was a lot of fun and we had a great time.

This was my first time on a pheasant hunt, but I was able to get a pheasant and a chukar. Could have had more if the other birds didn't ruin my shots by flying straight at the people behind me... One of the journalists that was present took a nice photograph that ended up in the paper (blog picture up top). That was the pheasant I took, a split second before I fired.

After the hunt we had some lunch, I forget who provided it, but it was good. Once full I went down and cleaned the birds I had got. I packed them in some plastic bags and put them in the cooler. We cooked them up the other day in the dutch oven (stove-top) and they were excellent.

It was great to get out there and I want to thank Freedom Hunters, Toad's Guide Shop, Cabelas, and Black Canyon Wing & Clay. If you have a chance check them all out. Take care and thanks for stopping by!

Take care,

October 6th, 2012

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