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DIY: Homemade Heat Shield for Tent Stove


Materials needed (from Home Depot):

  • A 4-5 foot long 2"x6" board $0.51
  • A 3-4 foot square sheet of steel $20
  • A marker $3
  • And your drill

Now that we have all our materials we can begin. Simply place the sheet metal behind your stove and warp it to see how it lines up with your stove. Once you are satisfied that you know where you want to make your bends mark the top on each side with your marker. These marks are where you will make the bends.

Find an outdoor railing or the corner of your house and lay your sheet metal against it vertically. Now at the bottom pull out enough until you see your mark down by the corner of the wall and ground.

Keep the upper part of the sheet metal against the wall and take your wood board. Place the edge of the board where your mark is and press firmly into the corner of your floor/wall. Now that you have started the bend you can kick the board into the corner all the way up and down to get a clean and solid bend. Repeat this step for the other side.

Now your heat shield is basically done. Take it over to your stove and put it behind it. If you measured correctly and got a good bend it should fit right around your stove.

About three or four inches down from the top of the sheet metal mark two dots; one on each side of the vent pipe. Take the sheet metal and drill some small holes through the two dots you just marked. Now take some wire or a coat hanger and put the finished heat shield around your stove. Run the wire through the shield and around the vent pipe coming back through the other hole in the shield. Twist the ends of the wire together and it's not going anywhere.

So you're done! Quick, easy, and cheap. It works amazingly well both by keeping the heat away from your tent walls, but also by reflecting a tremendous amount of heat back into the room. It's really a huge difference.

Make sure to watch the video below.

Take care,

December 13th, 2012

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