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The Trailer


As I have failed to do a proper update on my living situation, because I was scrambling around trying to make it liveable, I figured I should probably cover that at some point. As you may have read on an earlier post the tent from Colorado Tent Company did not work out, so I had to acquire something to live in during the middle of winter at +9,000ft in the Rocky Mountains within a day or two. I ended up overpaying for a very small, very old, and very beat up old Scotty travel trailer.

I got a nice wood stove ordered and was planning on how to install everything as I had to do the install in one day or I would be frozen the next morning (it was getting -25 to -30 degrees or colder each night). I made an improvised pipe box as I did not know stoves typically do not come with them and left my friends house the next morning to get started.

Back on the property we put things into perspective and began to work. I knew that I would need help moving the stove in to the trailer so I recruited a couple buddies to help with that part. I ripped out the dinette/bed in the front and tore down the paneling and insulation above where the stove would go, its still ugly and bare. I got the stove platform put in and my friends and I somehow got the stove in. After that I was kind of on my own. I ended up sleeping at a neighbors house that night since I had not finished, but was back the next day.

All I had left to do was cut the intake pipe hole, cut the exhaust pipe hole, mount the improvised pipe box, install the flashing, the storm ring flap thing, and the exhaust pipe itself... So, there were some things to do. I had to reinforce the wood beams along the ceiling in order to securely install the pipe box, then cut the roof. I installed the flashing right above the pipe box (I made the box the same size as the flashing) and then got all the pipes in the right spots and was done. I made a fire to burn off any paint/metal chemicals and slept plenty warm in there that night.

During the process of gutting the ceiling for the stove I made some executive decisions as well. I decided at a point that I was never going to use the electrical in this old trailer and just started cutting the wires that were in my way. I probably could have spent more time carefully disconnecting and covering any exposed wire leads, but the wires were in my way, I didn't have time to waste, so the wires had to die. This wasn't a big deal since I already had my own small electrical system (a generator and a couple 12v batteries).

In some of my lockable containers I have a couple batteries that I charge with a generator and charge controller. It gives enough power to charge laptops, run the fan to circulate heat, and the light during the night.

The biggest issue is storage.... I have some heavy duty lockable storage trunks where most of my stuff is stored, but it just isn't enough. My vehicle is packed with stuff that I have no place to store and it is a little bit frustrating. I need to either build or buy a decent sized storage shed, but there has been so much to do lately I just haven't had the time or money and there are other priorities as well.

You can see pictures of the trailer in the photos section under the Hartsel album.

Take care,

April 28th, 2013

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