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Bass Fishing at Colder Weather Outfitters


The other day I got a voicemail offering a day trip to Cold Weather Outfitters private waters. They have a couple private bass lakes/ponds and afforded myself (and some other disabled veterans) the chance to get out and do some bass fishing. I have been fly fishing for a few years now, but had never been bass fishing. The night before we went and got some cheapo bass popper flies from Walmart since we didn't have time to go to a real fly shop.

The next morning we drove up North and got out our gear. After the meet and greet we got set up and started looking for a spot to throw our flies. Colorado doesn't have as many lakes warm enough for bass, but I was excited for the opportunity to catch a few of them. In the past I had done some research on fly fishing for bass, but I certainly did not feel like I had a well rounded knowledge of the species. I knew they were territorial and would often strike out of that aggressiveness, but other than that not a whole lot more. After we found a spot that allowed for a good backcast we rigged up.

I started with a frog immitation popper as I had seen in the videos and research I did prior. Many times you could actually see the bass hovering in an area and tempting you. I made made casts both at fish I could see and fishy looking spots in the lake. I varied my retrieve, but nothing worked. A coulpe fish were interested and would investigate, but would not strike. After similiar results with my next popper I switched to a streamer. The faithful woolly bugger would be the clutch player now. With this change I started bringing in fish. Not all of them would go for it, but if you presented it right and the fish was in the mood they would bite.

We took a lunch break for some BBQ chicken and potato salad. After food and some conversation we went back to the ponds. The sparkle olive woolly buggers were working very well.I caught about 7 that day and had a great time. My wife caught (hooked and landed) 5 nice ones on her first time fly fishing.

The change to streamers was the answer. After that we started catching fish and there were plenty of fish to catch. It was a good day and worth the long drive. Thanks to Freedom Hunters for making this happen!

Take care,

May 13th, 2013

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