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Moraine Park, Colorado - RMNP


This weekend we went to do some camping/snowshoeing. We were originally going to go up on Saturday, but decided to head up midway on Friday. We got all of our stuff in the truck and headed out. It was a long drive as it was snowing and people were driving much slower than they needed to, but we finally got to the camp site around 5:00 PM. We were doing the first setup of our new Coleman Helios 2 four-season tent when we ran into some difficulty.

Moraine Park (and marsh snowshoing)

GPS File: Morain_Park_RMNP.gpx

There were no directions with the tent which was a bit annoying, but what can you do? When attempting to put the poles together for the fly one of them broke and we had to go without them - we just set up the fly on top without the extra poles. The tent will be returned as it isn't of the quality we were hoping. It was much less expensive than the "bigger" four-season tent brands, but the "you get what you pay for" statement rang true in this case. It at least came together well enough to sleep in for the trip. For a moment I was wondering if we were going to have to sleep in the truck.

After the tent frustration we got out the kitchen and started heating up some water for coffee and Amarula. I needed it as it snowing, very cold, and the tent kind of put me off a bit. We had the coffee, got a fire going, and cooked the sausage we brought. We enjoyed the fire and took some pictures before heading into the tent around 10:00 PM or so.

In the morning our friend was going to meet us and we were to head out on the Cub Lake trail with out snowshoes. We didn't start out as early as expected as he didn't make it there until around noon, so we decided to just explore the area around the camp by the marsh land. There is a large marsh with a river flowing through it close to the campground that was covered in snow. The small river snaked through the marsh so we ended up crossing the ice (carefully) many times.We made our way across the marsh and stopped for a cold egg roll. Turns out that pre-made egg rolls taste pretty good after trudging along though the snow for a couple hours.

It was snowing almost the entire time we were there and the wind provided some strong gusts at times. The weather made for a fun experience as you definitely knew it was winter. There was a decent amount of snow on the ground as well allowing us to get a good idea of what our new snowshoes have to offer. This was our first time using snowshoes so we were looking forward to trying them out and it was a pleasant experience. I have the MSR Lightning Axis 30 snowshoes and Katie has the Tubbs Wilderness 25 model. They definitely make a difference in the deeper snow, though you do have to make conscious effort to not step on your shoes due to the large footprint.

After a few hours wandering around we got back to camp and started up the fire for lunch. After eating we decided to make our way out of the mountains around 6:00 PM. On the way out we saw some deer, including a couple nice looking bucks that would have been a good trophy in another situation. All in all it was a good overnight trip.

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February 10th, 2014

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