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DIY Guide: How To Dehydrate Ground Beef


Dehydrated ground beef is a good source of protein that has a significant shelf life. There are a couple key points to note about dehydrating meat. Fat and oil will cause your dehydrated meals to spoil quickly! You must take care to remove as much of it as possible. Ideally use lean meats and if making jerky trim off the fat.

1) The first step is to cook the beef. Get a frying pan and cook on medium-high until the meat is completely cooked. Make sure you chop the pieces up finely for better dehydrating.

2) Now get a strainer (the plastic ones are worthless – see video for details) and put the meat in it. Rinse off the meat under the sink with the hottest water available to you. Make sure you rinse thoroughly to remove all the melted fat. Rinse the pan in the same manner.

3) Put the meat back in the pan & on the heat. Fry again to remove any more fat from the meat.

4) Put the meat back in the strainer and rinse as before with very hot water. Rinse the pan as before.

5) Return the meat to the pan & heat and fry once more to dry the excess water from rinsing.

6) Remove from heat and put into dehydrator. Use the solid “fruit roll up” type trays. Dry at 160 degrees for 9 hours.

7) Make sure meat is completely dry and crumbles when pinched. Add to airtight storage container.

March 27th, 2014

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