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How To Make Easy Dutch Oven Apple Cobbler


This is a very easy recipe that kids and adults alike will love. The shopping list is one of the best parts of this simple recipe as it only consists of a few items and the results are amazing.

Shopping List

Two 20oz cans of apple pie filling

One box of yellow cake mix

Gear List

12” Dutch oven

Vegetable oil


1) Put a very thin coating of oil on the inside of the dutch oven.

2) Spoon in both cans of pie filling and smooth it out evenly

3) Sprinkle a generous coating of the dry cake mix on top

4) Put around 9 coals on the bottom and around 15 on top to start

5) As the pie filling starts to boil/bubble you can add more coals on top to hasten the browning and crisping of the cake mix on top

6) Check the cobbler and roatate the oven and the lid every 10-15 minutes until done


April 23rd, 2014

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I agree, it has become a camping tradition that if we bring the dutch oven we have to make this cobbler recipe.
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