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Denver To Albuquerque


We finally set out on our first RV trip! Around 3:30 AM we woke up, made breakfast, and disconnected all of our hoses and cables. The night before the slide was closed and all of the loose items put away for the move. Once the car was loaded onto the car dolly we gassed up and hit the road at around 6:00 AM.

We set out on the 25 South and in not too long found ourselves in a minor snowstorm. Thankfully it was just a brief incident and soon enough we were back to sunny skies. We stopped along the way a few times to stretch out at the rest areas or fill up on gas.

The weather was good, but cool as we got down to the border and we noticed the road was a little rough right after crossing. Teddy (our cat) spent most of the drive either looking out the windows, laying on the dashboard, or sleeping – he seems to enjoy the drives.

The scenery was enjoyable along the way. There were tree covered mountains that later started to turn into mesas and ground shrubs. These characteristics came, went, and intermingled as the drive went on. Around 4:30 PM we got into Albuquerque and onto Kirtland AFB.

When we attempted to get to the FAMCAMP, Air force personnel in full battle gear and loaded M16’s blocked us on every road. I had no idea what was going on so I parked the RV in a parking lot and got out my binoculars. A lady who was staying out at the FAMCAMP told me that there was some sort of active shooter situation that occurred in the area of the FAMCAMP at the Eubanks gate and then left.

I waited and waited, but still nothing changed. It was starting to get dark at this point and we had no further information. I started looking through my binoculars to see if there was any progress, but that alerted the attention of the MP’s and then drove over to question me and make sure my credentials were in order.

After they left, the intersection we turned at opened up. We hoped that the other roads (particularly the one that lead to the FAMCAMP) was open at this point so we started up the rig and went down the street. It was dark now and they were now letting the Air force personnel off the base as the lockdown had ended. The road we needed was still blocked off so we were forced to park again and wait.

Finally at around 7:30 PM we were able to get to the camp. We pulled in and did a quick and dirty setup – only hooking up the electricity. We finished up the next day and had a chance to relax.

According to the news reports the supposed ‘shooting’ was actually only reports of shots fired. No evidence of any shots was actually found nor was the supposed shooter located. I’m not so sure there even was a shooter…

Now, we are completely setup and ready to check out New Mexico!

Take care!

December 3rd, 2014

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Yeah it was certainly an experience. Did some walking around Old Town Albuquerque today. I'll be making an article about our experiences here when we move on as well.
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