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Veteran's Goose Hunt in Julesburg, Colorado


Well, it's the New Year so I figure we should start out with something fun! Last month (December) I went on a goose hunt way up in the North Eastern corner of Colorado. 

Goose Hunt?

I drove up on Friday afternoon and got to the hotel, Platte Valley Inn, early evening. I checked in with the very nice lady at the counter and got my room key. Noone else had shown up yet so I went find my room, do some inventory, and relax a bit. After an hour or so I got a knock on the door from the folks that put the hunt together and we yacked for a while before an excellent dinner in the hotel diner. Once 9:00pm rolled around we were all skeptical on whether or not the other hunters would show up and we went to sleep.

It was a 5:00am wakeup and I rushed to get all my stuff together. I don't know if I was just dragging or what, but I felt like none of my stuff was ready to go - even though I had gone through it all the night before. In any case, we got loaded up and proceeded with the safety brief, got in the vehicles, and headed off to the field.

I don't remember exactly what the temperature was, but it was very cold
stumbling around in the dark. We got the goose pit uncovered and stored our gear. I drove the pickup back to the haybail truck blind and walked back. The goose pit has a fullsize stove and oven run off of propare. Our guide made coffee, cinnamin rolls, and a bunch more throughout the day - pretty awesome deal, thanks Allen!

The hunting was tough that day. Allen was looking at what he estimated to be around 200 geese in that very field two days prior. He was expecting us to hit our limit in no time, but things did not play out that way. I don't know if it was because of the clear skies early in the day or what, but no matter how many geese flew over - they simply would not come in. We got up and down from the shooting platform so many times without actually shooting I can't even tell you...

Time was running out and daylight was growing scarce when we started to get a bit deserperate. Ducks had been flying over a bit lower than the geese so we tried our luck with the duck calls. We had two oppurtunities to fire, but the ducks were so far out that it was really just a last ditch effort to come home with something. A bird fell during each of the volleys so we weren't completely empty handed going home. 

Our guide apologized to us and normally has much better luck, but sometimes that's just the way she goes. He did right by us, though, and I had an excellent time. Thanks for the food and the hunt Allen!

Take care,


Check out the video below

January 1st, 2016

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Love it! And that lamp was hilarious!
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