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MYOG Tree Savers


Parts List

  • 10 feet (120 inches) of strong polyester webbing (polyester is very low stretch compared to nylon)
  • Good strong thread like Gutermann MARA 70

Step 1) Cut

Measure out two 58 inch lengths of webbing and melt the ends with a lighter, so they do not frey.

Step 2) Adjust

Set your sewing machine to the zig-zag stich and adjust your sewing machine to these settings:

Stitch Length: 1

Stitch Width: 2.5

Stitch Tension: 3.3

Step 3) Sew

Double over about 3 1/2" on one of the webbing ends and sew three bar tracks about 1/4 inch apart from eachother. This should leave you with about a 2" loop at that end.

On the other side of the webbing double over about 5 1/2 inches and sew three bar tracks in the same fashion.This should leave you with about a 4" loop on the other end. Make sure your doubled over ends are on the same side of your strap for cosmetic purposes.

Step 4) Enjoy!

You're done! You now are half way to one of the best and lightest hammock suspension systems available - the whoopie sling!


May 2nd, 2016

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